Monday, April 20, 2009

KDU Custards.

As innocent as it sounds, it's not what you think it is.

This is a direct complaint regarding my unsatisfactory study period in KDU College, the Petaling Jaya Campus. If you were to approach current students, ex-students, and lecturers, they'd tell you that there is a main issue in parking.

Indeed, there is a main issue in parking. I decided to drive to college because I was in a rush. On the first time I arrived there, I did not know that there were other students waiting in line to get a parking inside of the college. This is due to the fact that there were many unattended/parked cars in between of these students. With that said, I admit it was my full mistake to cut line and assumed that the half broken "FULL" parking lights were not in order like every other time.

So, with the new route system that whoever sponsored to seperate the neighbourhood's privacy away from meddling students that parks in front of other resident's houses, I had the consideration to drive one big round, past the LDP and into SS22 (or 23, or 24, whichever the roads were.), and went and queue up behind the last car with a driver inside, instead of a brainless custard who annoyingly parked his/her cars by the bright yellow line and attended class.

I hope you receive a few thousand parking tickets and the locusts of Arabia shall haunt your pubic areas with the inability to grow nails to scratch them off whenever you desperately need to and your genitals shall shrink.

This results to some big shot of KDU, which I obviously do not care, telling the guards to use their Nepalese psychic powers to move the cars when they do not have the keys. This showed how the upper management wants to graduate their students - giving others a scenario where it is entirely impossible.

Sadly, the absence of common sense was at hand.

Which is a typical thing for a typical money-minded Malaysian.

So, as an Indian guard signalled to a Myvi, who was another typical Malaysian city driver - hopeless, and signalled me to get inside and get a parking, came the bottleneck issue.

There's only one entrance, and 4 categories were trying to enter the entrance:
1) People who wanted to drop their friends/children/offsprings/pets.
2) People who wanted to deliver goods to businesses inside (e.g. foodstuff for canteen).
3) Taxi drivers who shouldn't be driving taxies but be poles instead.
4) My species - the people who were deliberately late for class due to the lack of parking and idiotic management.

So with everybody trying to get into the entrance, the executives, the species of people with saggy skin topped with formal outfits who waiting for their cancer to attack them from all aspects, had a nice time with their Mercedes S Class, trying to figure out which leg to put into the car after they figure out how do they open a German-based technolgical door.

After the hopeless Myvi driver went into the parking area, it was my turn to pay my parking fees, and get a proper parking lot, instead of those custards who were already parking and getting a RM100 fine very soon, the guard told me to stop, and get out and wait in line.

All over again.

You do not tell a customer to wait 5 more minutes when you know his or her drinks is due, or they'll make the loudest noise ever to give bad publicity.

I was off shift today, and I'm a customer and student at KDU.

For the first time in my life, I bombarded someone I didn't know.

The Nepalese custard told me that I shouldn't have cut line, and entered the place and caused a jam. So meaning to say that I was the fault of the 3 other inconsiderate categories when another guard assisted us, who were waiting for more than 20 minutes for a decent parking spot?


So, the Indian guard told me I could go in and park, and when I waited for my turn, the Nepalese told me I couldn't.

It's like the same custards at 1901 telling me yesterday for their promotion, "Yes you can get RM2 per New York Chicken or Chicago Beef and you are entitled to purchase up to 10 as stated in our advertisement, but today, becaue of the long line, you only get 5, whilst families and others gets 10."

What customer service the world provides these days.

Food for Friendship? More to like Food for War.

So, I asked the Nepalese custard nicely, "But how come your colleague told me both me and the Myvi can enter when I understand one at a time can go?"

He started babbling about how I caused traffic and shit, until I bombarded him back saying, "Dei, bukanlah masalah aku jika aku diberitahu aku boleh masuk untuk parking pun. Kawan engkau yang bagi I tau aku boleh masuk."

He continued babbling, so I kept quiet.

Until his sunburnt colleague, who was Indian, told him that there were 5 parking spots available after the Myvi went in.

I realised that they weren't working together due to miscommunication. Or more to like, they didn't have enough communication power from one to another in a short period of time. If there were 5 people taking care of one department, only 1 person were briefed, and the rest were just being paid blindly on a monthly salary.

Which is exactly the main point of this Nepalese custard.

And the best thing if that this Nepalese custard, unlike any other better, polite-r and friendlier guards than him, he just kept on bombarding me about the same issue.

Look, boy. I don't give a shit if I were to blow fumes into the executive's face and reduced their leftover lifespan by half, or killed them on the spot. I came, I wanted to go to class, but because of his babbling, he's adding more petrol to the forest fire.

So I bombarded him back, "Sebab engkaulah pasal banyak budak kolej KDU dan senior-senior aku masih belum graduate. Nak cari parking pun susah, nak masuk pun susah. Ada parking kat dalam kolej, engkau pun larang mereka park kat dalam. Sebab ini, mereka masuk kelas lewat, kena marah oleh lecturer, hantar surat amaran, habistu kena barred untuk final exam. Siap kena retake subjek itu lagi."

".. Jahanamlah engkau ni."

Then I sped off.

Thank goodness I don't drive to college everyday. More to like, once in 2 months.

His attitude reminded me of the same person who does the transportation thing in KDU. The person who was an ex-police officer.

And another thing about Malaysian police officers. They've got the shittiest attitudes ever. They should live for the country, for the government, for the King, and die for patriotism. Any of them who were to quit, must be a failed Malaysian in every aspect and do nothing else but to jeopardise professional organisation.

They shouldn't be dunkin' their donuts in their coffee in other organisations.


And if any of you were to disagree with me regarding this matter very soon, you should be thankful that pubic ticks of Africa won't attack you because you haven't grown yours yet.

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