Saturday, September 4, 2010


The smiles, the kisses,
The time spent is priceless.
The thought of losing you,
Would make me lifeless.

The happiness you bring,
Through the things we've been,
Makes life worth living,
And it gets me start thinking.

What would I do,
If I was never with you?
And what would you do,
If you did the same too?

The tears cried, the pain subside,
Only because of you being by my side,
Even if you're not here,
I believe that you will be.

Oh, how do you make me happy?
And how do you make me cry?
How do you know what to say?
How did you make me love you everyday?

Life goes on, even when we hate it,
With you, with me, we'll just have to make it through.
Supporting you, supporting me,
We'll know what to do.

Lovin' you, lovin' me,
Lovin' the guitar notes being played,
Appreciatin' you, appreciatin me,
Let's just lay by the beach, under the bright blue sky.

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