Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was doing my studies a minute ago on my iPad, and I wanted to post this up for quite a bit already.

A few days ago trying to figure out the mysteries of my assignment, I got really tired. I sat on my bed, wanting to take my afternoon nap, and then like usual, I couldn't sleep.

I picked up my books, again and I could focus even better. I felt relaxed more with my phones, netbook and the iPad on the table that I call my workstation.

I could absorb information better rather than staring into a "backlit-LCD" screen with my notes on it.

I mean, it is the exact same issue with you reading books, and reading eBooks, if anybody ever experienced or encountered any problems like that?

I tend to lose focus over the times where I'm closer to technology.

Is that kind of odd?

I remember reading one article about one person giving up the cyberspace and it improved his memory.

Besides his memory, he also had boredom.

Boredom is the most important emotion to actually feel to get inspirations. He was one of the few people who bought an iPad, and then he sold it off because it took up too much of his time where he prefers to be bored.

Which is pretty interesting really. I sat down, like what normal families would do before the introduction of the iPhone, the iPad, and other smartphone-related devices. If you switch off notifications, you'll end up refreshing your applications to figure out if there's anything new or whatsoever.

Just so happens, I was too lazy to reach out for my i-Products, and I was happy with it. I focused way better, and I felt better studying - with a book.

This is a pretty interesting thought for myself, and I'm not sure if you all experienced it.

I know when I go online, most of my time is wasted no thanks to Facebook. Because of Facebook, I don't play as much guitar as I used to. And when I play guitar, I play it better when my girlfriend is not online, or when she's busy, and with my netbook shut.

Boredom kills some people, like my 4 other housemates downstairs, but I think it's a divine source of major inspirations.

Although the idea of Apple products being highly promoted here, that is clearly the wrong message to send out. It's only because I own these things. If It was years back, I'd blame it on my PS2 and the home computer.

Give me my boredom so I can study right. No wonder I haven't touched my iPad for a bit. It's an odd sign.

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