Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seriously, That's Being Idiotic.

I just met an idiot today. He came into our tutorial, and I suspected something was Rongelap with this chap - he had no idea of what he was doing, or what was being taught, but he had the answers.

Not answers of his own, but answers from a different semester.

And bloody hell, he nearly got all of us into trouble.

Seriously, the reason why we pay to be tutored or lectured is because for us to learn - even if we failed, we learn from our failure.

I mean, anybody could've cheated and passed whatever they had in mind, but the shittiest thing to bring the solution key to the respective tutorial.

Sure, thats your efforts right there. But don't you even feel ashamed that the rest of the class worked their asses off asking all sorts questions, getting all sorts of wrong answers and getting everything out right in the end of the day?

I mean, if that were to be effort, try this.

Grab your dad's credit card, go to the education department, and do your payment in how much you can get a Degree for. That's sheer effort rig there, and you'll stay dumb for the rest of your life by doing so.

Seriously, I can't tolerate these sort of parasites. I you have the answer or something, thats cool. But don't you think that if you use the answers, it is better to use the answers as a reference to support you attempts, instead of making your attempt?

Seriously, I'd fuck you upside down if you were to be in the same group as me. Or get you expelled if you were under me. Like seriously.

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