Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pouring It Out.

Sometimes when I really think about it, is it really worth it to put in whatever efforts we have into something we don't really have confidence in?

In life, in work, in efforts, in hobbies, in studies, and in family?

It's great if you get something in return once in a while. The only thing that keeps me happy is when I get money.

Simple. Money in, money out.

When money out = more stuff in the mail arrives for me.

That's not how things should be, but at least I have the opportunity to grasp on the things that I only thought that I was able to view online.

On another note, I'm not sure if it's jealousy or whatever it is, but I love to share whatever I've got with those who view me on Facebook. And sometimes, I'm just guessing that they don't like the idea.

I mean, I'm just updating myself? And whatever I have is just pretty common to those around here. And that doesn't mean that you have to end up hating or flaming me because of the stuff that I own? That's just odd??

Why hate something that you can own? All you need to do is just to fork out your cash. If you can't, then work for it?

Others would say, "If you can't fork out your cash, then stop complaining"

I saved up since I started working, which was April. Before then, I was really tied down on my expenses.

And I admit that my job isn't the best in the world. I feel dumb in the current job I'm in, so shut up already.

Okay, the iPad and the iPhone were a tad bit overkill, but I saved up for those two shitheads. And I bet that my bank account shows less digits than your children's. So ????

And sometimes when you show some people that you really care, you just get a fine kick in the nose. Right back at you, so that doesn't make sense either.

Maybe I should stop degrading myself and should start finding myself, again.

Because, seriously, I think I've had it.

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