Thursday, February 18, 2010


.. Life isn't meant to be as it is.

Some problems cannot be evaded with just a side-step. Sometimes, it takes more than that. About a flight to get away.

I hope everything turns out well, soon. Because if I were to be alone with no support, I'd get things straight damned right.

And it's pretty depressing when the asthma comes back and hits you over and over again. Like wtf.


Joey Shinoda said...

yay asthma kawan..i think mine's coming back as well but definitely not telling my parents. go swimming,,,i felt better and DONT FORGET TO CALL ME when u do...if my leg's healed :P

btw..just now was misting not raining. like starbucks eh? the fans...

Glacius said...

Was it raining? Lol. I didn't even take notice. I know it's been sun shining since I woke up at 11.33am today.. lmfao

OH well.

Woohooo! Yes, and I will call you the next time. screw SMS-ing. lol