Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First thing's first. The iPhone Optus plan, I cannot apply for. So that really sucks balls. The only way I can apply for it would be if that I have a credit card, or extend my studying period.

If that were to be the case, I'll never get the plan with my own name and account..!

So I might as well save up for a proper iPhone 3GS, which I have to foot a total fo $860 on the spot. In cash, and in full.

No installments.

It'll be cheaper by 100+ from Optus stores, and 600++ more cheaper compared to the plan I was looking forward to.

Too bad.

BUT, on the brighter side.

Sturdy looking, but I hate the fact that when I do a vibrato, I'm scraping whatever's left off the frets. Also, I think the fretboard's made out of plastic.

Besides that, for $40 cheaper than the original, it has only one small dent. Which you can't see in the picture, so I think this is pretty neat!

This is officially my 5th guitar!

Now wish me luck, everybody. I am going to write my first ever resume to apply at the Hobart Music Centre.. Where they retail Ibanez and Cole Clark guitars!!!!!!

(Now how in bloody hell do you write a resume.)


Joey Shinoda said...

woo nice..

btw.i know i should've gotten one during Xmas sales but i need a camera. or rathe rwant one badly.

giving up on lusting after dslrs so goin for compact digitals if you know anything about them?

resumes..i googled :P

Glacius said...

I googled as well, but it didn't turn out to be consistent. Compact digitals? Are you looking for one that has the ability of DSLRs, or just a plain compact? Do msg me on fb/MSN so I can tell you more or something. IF it can wait a little bit longer, wait for the DSLR ;) .. worth every sweat and blood, trust me ;)