Sunday, February 7, 2010

Minor Updates @ February 2010.

Hi guys!

Since I am THAT bored as I haven't gotten my guitar yet, I will be starting another "branch" of this blog account to contribute to the musical side of me.

I will share all possible knowledge that I know of, and hopefully the response will be positive, and also a minor place where people can discuss about music. A forum would always be a failure because you might as well join a well-known forum for music, etc.

Plus, if you were to talk to me about tube-amps, I wouldn't know anything. I only know they produce good sound.

In general, of the style of guitar playing, different people have different techniques, so I was thinking of sharing what and how I've been practicing after so long!

And if anybody's interested, they can slowly read up on what they feel they require help in.

But here's a link for sheer fun @ ..

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