Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Post - Family

I'm here watching over my brother as he sleeps silently in my bed.  If I were to be irrational and stubborn, I'd shoo him off the bed 2 hours ago.

Same thing goes for him when I tend to hog his 2nd laptop screen when he can watch his anime shows.

But I don't mind.  In fact, I've got an odd feeling when he's here to annoy me.

He's family regardless of the differences we have in physical and mental terms.  At least he's not alone in going through daily tasks.

He annoys me as well.  But being far away, he's all I've got.

Yes I have my parents, but they aren't here at the moment.

.. And soon they won't even be here.

And my brother will be all I've got.

The closest to what we call.. Family.

Nobody will know about this, and I doubt so that anyone will read all of this. But if I were to parish, they will know of this archive.

They will really know that sometimes, my actions are unintended.


Joey Shinoda said...

u mean 'perish' :P

the best way to make him get out ur bed without violence and risk isolation is to cuddle up and bat ur eyelashes at him when he jumps n goes WTF!!

add in a meowww for good measure xD

Glacius said...

HAHAHAHA. I'd kick him right in the nuts to show that I mean business. Why would I want to beat around the bush anyway? HAhaHahahahaah