Saturday, February 27, 2010

Edit, Edit.

I was showing Jocelyn @ JoeyKenji @ Shinoda-san (heeheheheh) about some pictures on my Deviantart website, and I found out there was the old Avillion Water Chalet picture that I slightly editted.

After having a look at that, I kind of itched to edit some cute pictures. The first 3 things that came into my mind were the Beagle, the Siberian Husky and the Napolitan Mastiff that we saw and adored during the dog show. Of course, there were other dogs available, but my shots weren't that good to take satisfying closeups.

I also had the idea to sharpen the detail for the Napolitan Mastiff's awesome DROOL!

Check it check it.

The last one, because of it colours, made it to switching my sunset wallpaper, to this wallpaper. At least it looks pretty smart, and it's high-resolution, so I was able to fit the whole thing into my wallpaper, instead of having 2 black spots beside a portrait picture. Heeheeehee.

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