Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Know It..

.. When a customer compliments that you're quick on the cash-register system in Starbucks.
.. When a customer gets their drinks, change, receipt, and foodstuff right after the printer prints out your order.
.. When a customer sees that you hold quite a bit of knowledge (where the senior partners definitely know more.) and they enjoy sharing it with you.
.. When people sees the passion you have towards your work.
.. When people knows you're particular about a certain procedure being done.

It definitely marks the 1-year milestone in my life. Until today, I can't believe that I'm still holding onto this job consistently without complains (Well, except for a few), and of course, Creating the Starbucks Experience.

I am constantly reminded and tempted to go through my Barista Training Programme to ensure that I am reminded of what they taught me in class to ensure that it is practised everyday.

It's simple.

  • When a customer compliments you that you man-handle the POS quickly, it shows that you were put on shift on every weekend - whenever it's busy.
  • When a customer also compliements that you work quickly and get their stuff done before s/he could even lay out the exact change, it means that you have proper time management to serve the customer (e.g. reading body language - using CDR.)
  • When a customer knows you know your stuff; it shows that you were too used to the store and you read upon the magical resource manuals that nobody bothers to read nowadays.
  • When people see that you are passionate towards the things you do. It's more to like, you worship coffee and have a shrine at home.
  • When your partners notice that you're particular about procedures, unless if there's a special reason and excuse to break it. Just think about it - Do a customer's beverage like you're doing your own. I'm sure you wouldn't like it when someone else spits into your employee beverage or someone else screws up your beverage whenever you purchased it regardless under discount or at full price, right?
As some of my partners heard regarding my departure from Starbucks Ikano this coming September, I have no idea if I have a proper store to work in,or not.

.. or maybe just slack around, and play the guitar until I'm musically inclined once again..


I lap you, Gajah boolat ;)

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