Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Point of View.

Some of you may notice that I'm entirely biased towards some music, especially when it has a little bit of modernised ideas in it. Eventually, it infused with me and came Break Free, Seasons of Heartbreaks (which is a blend of Japanese-pop influence and typical Rock), Worthwhile (Pop in a classical aspect with some wee-wee effects here and there) so on and so forth.

But being who I am, I decided to force myself to watch something like this. A "typical, modern, overrated, appreciated, commercialised" song which was made into an acoustic version.

Don't mind me saying this.

But she HAS ideas.

Reminds me that not all musicians are doing what they're doing, just doing music for the money, and not showing how creative they can be.

Lady GaGa reminded me of this.

Which also led me to my confusion regarding of my musical orientation.

Well, let us look at things on a positive side, I suppose? :)

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