Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Couple of Random Thoughts.

Only because I am unable to think straight for my stupid Corporate Governance tutorial.

  • Reinforcement/Behaviour Change Feedback. Ability to identify what are the learner's good behaviours, and providing a reinforcement feedback to show that what the learner had done is good, and he should do it in the near future to ensure satisfaction (if it is service-based performance). Behaviour change would result to something the learner had done wrong, and the coach would need to take action to change the learner's behaviour. To state out the mistake, then what is supposed to be right, and then give a reason why it was supposed to be right to ensure certain progress.
  • Brazil may be the largest exporter of coffee. But that doesn't mean that Starbucks purchase most of it, because most of Brazil's exported coffees would be Robusta beans, due to Brazil's geographical condition (being less than 450m above sea-level) of it being unable to produce high quality Arabica beans.
  • Asia/Pacific coffees are interesting. Like the Starbucks Anniversary Blend, the only blend created to go against Dark Roast Blends, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Starbucks in 1998.
  • Peaberry Blend - One of a kind. Because 5% of most tree's coffee cherries only contain a peaberry, it could be a multi-region blend. And for it to have ascertained complementary flavours would be theoretically impossible as it comes from Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and Africa/Arabia.
  • 85% of the beans are purchased from.. Latin America. And Guatemala supplies most of these beans because Guatemala grows the highest-quality and highly consistent Arabica beans in Latin America.

Studying the basics of the coffee may be a stale subject. But if you were to venture more off to like, why does Columbia Narino Supremo have House Blend or Guatemala Antigua as a similar coffee to present towards customers, you'll approach coffee in a different aspect.

That is a key learning - a term for us to use when we learn something new.

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