Monday, June 15, 2009

The Other Motivator.

This morning, I received an SMS from my all-time guitar instructor, Kelvyn Yeang, requesting if I could help him out on this track of his.

With low confidence, I replied saying that I would love to give it a shot, but I can't assure that it would meet his expectations.

Currently, I'm working on one of his songs, to add some flashy stuff around. Just that while I was explaining about how he messed around with certain time signatures, which he didn't even bother about.

In fact, what he said was, "as long as it sounds good, jalan d"

For someone who goes "sounds good, and jalan d", he had a few time signature changes in between, and his rhythms were all over the place of skipping certain beats and stuff.

Although he doesn't take note about these minor details. Little does he know that this artistic song of his is giving me a MAJOR headache.

Tip learnt for the day: Make sure that you get as many detailled information regarding the clients you're working with.


And he made me realise that I didn't open my damned Reason since I received my laptop back after it dieded. Hurrah.

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