Friday, June 26, 2009

[Poem] Prancing Emotions.

Even if the skies were firery red,
The world coming to an end.
The vision we see is the same,
And even if our bodies are distances away.

When I sing for people,
I'd use a mic.
So everybody can hear,
Hoping you'd be there.

And as you sleep,
I'd call upon the angels of the night,
The one that smiles,
Them big, fat, happy, jolly ones.

I'd be staying home, rotting my organs away,
Knowing that you'd be there, one day.
I'll be on wheechairs and in bandages,
You'd be there take me everywhere.

Just because I'm distant,
Doesn't mean I love you less.
Could only mean I'd love you more,
And I wouldn't miss you any less.

Being the man, who's known to be a beast,
Only the purest of hearts could understand.
Only the purest of hearts would love,
Only the purest of hearts would accept.

Even if the words don't come out,
Don't question yourself of what's your way.
More than words is something I can not say.
Saying "I love you" can't mean everything, anyway.

So we dance in the moonlit park,
Hand in hand, we'd prance through the grass.
Like Cinderella and her prince, only without the castle.
But with the heart, and with the love.

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