Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm going to make this a quick one as I'm blogging from my phone.

Just minor updates because I haven't updated my blog for quite a bit. But I think I'll be just fine:

I am currently juggling 2 jobs, along with my main "occupation" (as they would call it here in Australia), a Full-Time student. At least that's recognized.

Benefits of juggling 2 jobs - increase in pay. I have been working in an underpaying job and it doesn't really get me much, but I've made it through somehow.

Outcome: earning nearly $700 per week (shyly at $692 actually).

Now with this one, I'm actually able to get Christmas presents for my family. Only if I want to. I know I've already thought of my brother's gift. Heh.

Besides that, perhaps another iPhone.

Now I just spoke to one of my mates in an unknown retailer and I'm able to get a 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz 250GB HDD (which is not even in the list) for $1600-1700. Which is about $500 cheaper. I compared it against Malaysia at an exchange rate of 3.06, and I only managed to see it as MYR200 difference here.

Since it's easier, I might just get the MacBook first. Or not. Save up straight for the iMac.

Dilemma and decisions

Also planning to get a car here for convenience. Not entirely my idea, but better to be safe than sorry.

.. Or not at all. Depends

Well, that's about it. Besides that, I also came up with an idea for my daily routine. Sleep at 6-8pm, get up at 3am, slack off and do whatever required preparations for uni before work (if I have work)

That is most probably going to be my upcoming schedule during the study break in 2 weeks time.

Please don't think of me having 2 jobs is insane. No sympathies. I really hate it when people do that. This isn't compulsory, but this is my own decision.

Besides, Mike Portnoy once worked 3 jobs to finance his dreams.

I should too.

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Vanesa said...

inspiring, you've always been. I feel like getting a job after reading this. My last job a yr n a half ago. You earn 700$ a week. I only earned 700$ a month. Therefore, I also feel like a bummer.