Monday, October 18, 2010

.. And Another One.

This is what I got for my birthday, originally:

Just simple decorations of the guitars that I'd never own in my life .. Because they're either limited edition, or just bloody rare. The one on the left, the rose pedal Ibanez JEM, would that the designs were printed off from Steve Vai's parent's curtains from their home (!!!), and his triple neck guitar. Just that I didn't like the idea that they added frets to the neck on the far right. IT's supposed to be a fretless guitar, but whatever! Decoration purposes! A good icon to celebrate my 22nd birthday!

Then, my recent eBay fever (again). Scoped around for random figures, and saw this one on.. 'sale'. It's a buy-one-free-one sort of a deal. I've got the Walmart Masterpiece Skywarp, but I couldn't be bothered with opening it.

This, is MP-08. Takara Masterpiece - Grimlock.

OH yeah. <3

I was a bit lazy to take more pictures, so this will have to do.

I know I'm damn happy, and I need a bigger table.

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Anonymous said...

Godzilla cooks and plays a grandma couch guitar. LOL <3