Thursday, October 21, 2010

Again, With The Updates.

Here's my schedule for these few days:

22th Oct - Work at the newsagent.. 7am - 12pm-ish.
23th Oct - Financial Management finals - from 1pm - 4pm
24th Oct - Work at the fresh fruit market.. 10am - 3pm
25th Oct - Work at both the newsagent and the fresh fruit market - 7am - 11am shift, 12pm - 7 or 8pm shift, followed by preparations for studies in Commercial Transactions.
26th Oct - Work at the newsagent.. 7am until unknown, then followed by preparations for Commercial Transactions
27th Oct - Offday from the fresh fruit market, but Commercial Transaction finals, followed by Principles of Finance preparations.
28th Oct - Work at the newsagent from 7am until unknown, then followed by preparations for Principles of Finance.
29th Oct - Principles of Finance finals.
30th Oct - Plans unconfirmed
31st Oct - 10am - 3pm shift .. and rock my balls off with the guitar until next February.

Now that I wrote all that out, I think I should lay off the idea of working and studying at the same time.

Then again, not.

I'll be able to do this.

I believe in myself.

Besides that, I had a straight 2-day birthday celebration. I had work yesterday, then I treated my brother and my housemates and a friend to dinner out of sheer randomness. Then followed by lunch today .. where my housemates bought lunch for me.. And this friend of mine.. bought a $50 iTunes Gift Card as a present, and then my other housemates bought a cake and dinner for me, so that's cool.

But the iTunes Gift Card was the worst present I ever thought to give to someone else. And this time, I was being offered the ..present.

I mean. $50 on the iTunes Store. What the hell is there to buy?? We can always torrent and download whatever junk we're interested in.. Until..

.. I remembered that Victor Wooten's album - Soul Circus and Yin Yang was not available for purchase in JB Hi-Fi or torrents.

So I got the two rarest album for myself. And months back, I remember updating my status saying that if anybody wanted to get me a birthday present - that would be those two albums.

.. I guess I should really be careful for what I wish for, eh?

I haven't gotten the time to review those albums yet, but from the previews, it's different - and definitely better than Palmystery.

I am looking forward to my break.

And I am looking forward to go back to Malaysia as well. That should be my long-awaited vacation.. Boy, am I stressed out.. bah..!

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