Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day.


I just found out that today is International Women's Day.

And I have a confession to make.

I am a low-lifed prick who knows nothing but to be stubborn and to think only for himself. I do respect women, and that was what I used to think. But after tonight, I am as wrong as how a dodo-bird should be.

A bird that has long beaks, but eats vegetables. A bird that has long legs, but does not use it to fish for fishes like flamingoes. A bird that has wings, but just doesn't fly. In every way that it was wrong, I am as wrong as how it be extinct.

There were so many people in my life that tells me that I would be either a great, nice or whatever it is person. For me to state that is true, I would be bloody smug. But here's a newsflash.

I'm not.

I'm just another prick in the world who can be labelled as "just another guy". Even if I'm not pervertic like majority of the men in the world, I have no proof to state that I'm not.

Happy International Women's Day. Don't meet someone like me. I'd break your heart like every other unloyal men out there.

For those who're feeling in the blues, today's your day. After all..

.. The best is yet to come.


Feminist Review said...

A current event to add to the list of things to celebrate today: An Oscar Win for International Women’s Day! Pretty nice timing, no?

Joey Shinoda said...

but you are perverted! with a scar fetish

and u open doors for markah bonus. xD

Glacius said...

Hahaha.... XD


haha.. ._________.