Thursday, March 4, 2010


Currently Listening: Harry Gregson Williams - The Best Is Yet To Come

I just think that this is pretty awesome. For some of you, might already know who this person is. For those who doesn't, he also did some (I think, or possibility, all) tracks in the Chronicles of Narnia. The only thing I was aware of, is him doing the production for that song, titled "Where".

On a sense, I think he could have picked out the vocal melodies.

I have absolutely no idea, but I was just looking, and browsing around..

It is kind of sad how people change. How the people I once knew, and how'd they turn out to be.

As per "No to pre-martial sex", applied the same to "I hate smokers" when they ended up smoking just a few years ago.

It's a major shake up for some of us, when had faith, and how we watched them grow. Although elder, or younger, or non-blood related, the point is, you knew how that person once was before.

You don't blame a person for being contented with their lives, anyway.

Plus, enough with the whole "they've changed" bit. I've changed myself, without knowing.

The sigh, where nobody responds to.
Back to the island where it all started.
It looks the same, with more ghosts.
Of sceneries, of memories, of death.

Live by the gun, and the words.
By motivation, of something subtle.
Meanings that expresses itself more that imagination.
Like the church, as a temple for someone greater.

The harsh blizzard, when the wolfdogs come.
Either you do, or you do not.
Either way, one dies, and one lives.
The decision is completely common.

To the seas, where it all began.
Where the final flow shall be.
The blazing sun, the warm rays.
The scent of life, as a whole.

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