Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Blog, Delivered With Sinus.

I'm currently blogging from Port Dickson, a few nights after I was able to go online in the business centre, secretly playing Texas HoldEm Poker on Facetube.

It has been fun.

But besides that, I'm just hibernating from the 24 days that passed a few days ago during my period in Bausch K at Gurney Plaza. I did learn a few things along the way, so it was kind of cool.

For the moment, I'm still in Port Dickson until further notice. I'm not sure what's going on at the moment as everybody's suffering from a communication breakdown.

But I'm doing just fine. And sooner than you'll expect, I'll be flying off to Australia to further my degree.

Just like my KL stint in 2007, I'll miss you all, and because of KL, I made more friends, so I'll be missing 2 states of friends. Lol.

You all know it best that I'll be fine there in Australia.

No pictures up yet, but my next batch of Lomography is going to be settled soon, so keep your eyes out.

I'm not even sure if the pictures are going to turn out good. Haha.

Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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