Thursday, December 17, 2009


.. A customer came up to me and saw the whole place in a mess, the preparation for me to shut the whole kiosk down when my boss is not around.

"I'm sorry. But are you all closing..?"

Me: "..."

Thoughts: ".. Star Skills; Just say "Yes"!"

Me: "... Yup. We're still opened. You looking for the ring you spotted a few days ago?"

Opened the till, blasted in the opening fund, again.

Served the first and the last customer for the day.

Then I closed the kiosk.

Although only a small profit was earned today, I felt frustrated. Nobody's around, nobody even bothered to look around, and listen to what we have to say about the products we're selling.

(I can't say, I'm selling, because it's not my company.)

Unfortunately, results are bad, and I'm suffering from its downfall with the absence of my superior.

He is planning to sacrifice himself due to the downfall, and also cutting as much cost as possible. Firstly, with the labour cost due to the sales not being able to cover back.

So, one more week to go in this odd experience.

Then my holiday begins.. *phew*

Although little, but now I understand how my ex-Store Managers mumble about costs, CoGS and not being to achieve sales. Of course, when we work under them as baristas, we didn't really care. But imagine if you were to be in their shoes, reporting to the District Managers. That's when the fireworks will begin.

Also, although it's been a tiring day, and tomorrow will be another one, like a stressful day at my previous working place..

.. I'll sit down, play the guitar until everything seems right again.

Now, that's what you call passion.

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