Monday, December 21, 2009


This fine day would mark the greatest day for Ocean of Fire, and its lead guitarist, Kelvyn Yeang.

Today was the day they did their album launching in a place where not many would expect to mark their historical event; at Hard Rock Cafe itself.

Not the hotel, but the cafe.

Familiar faces were there, and Ocean of Fire performed their album's songs to ensure that their crowd would get a worthy RM20 of an album.

Besides that, they had Ray Rozell, Dasha Logan, and Kelvyn's schoolmate (his father taught him blues, etc. My bad for fogetting the name)

On top of it all, Ocean of Fire did their final song to end the whole showcase, but with a bang.

A very surprising one, indeed.

Ocean of Fire did a song entitled, "I've Found You", which is still in composition, and still imperfect in any way possible, but it creates a man as he is. Nobody is perfect, after all, and Kelvyn admits that.

Just about on the 5th or 6th minute later, Kelvyn got off stage, took the microphone, kneeled down to his long-love, Marion Yeoh, and proposed for her hand in marriage.

And this is my first time witnessing my friend proposing for an engagement.

I was nearly in tears, seriously. But I can never be any more happier for the both of them. And on top of it all, Ocean of Fire had worked their way up so far, and they finally did an album launch.

Many bands went through a lot of recession stages, but Ocean of Fire, like little bands, still kept it strong.

And today, marks their day in just the beginning of 2010.

I wish them all the best in their future undertakings, and all the best to Kelvyn in his relationship's level.

This is so cool!

Congratulations to Marion Yeoh and Kelvyn Yeang.

Besides that, I met up with 2 of my ex-primary schoolmates which I've seen only in Standard 6.

So cools wan today.

Well, my birdies. I'll see you all soon whenever I see you all.

Today is such a cool day.

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