Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goals Achieved, Shattered Dreams.

Ironically, I've been helping people out. Whenever they come to me, I tend to help because I would love to, and I'm able to help.

But then again, I don't see what it's in for me. I don't see the rewards, I don't see the promises, but the more I stay, the more I get used.

The more I feel used as well.

It's weird.

It's a small matter, really.

And there's nothing much I can do.

Most of you know I deserve it as much as those who got it.

But I didn't get what they got it. At least people are able to see the title they carry around with pride, yet others don't put it on because they are not confident in being questioned, or they don't want to show that they know quite a bit.

I waited so long for this, yet I didn't get it.

Where did I go wrong to deserve this?

I know the people I once worked with wouldn't want this to happen to me, in fact, they would be happy and they would appreciate whatever I would do and they know that I WILL help them soar even further.

If I could be a bridge between 2 worlds, they know that I would try my best to do so.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in a place where all my past contributions were forgottened. Washed down the drain in an instant. Only those who saw it with their eyes, who watched me grew, knew how I grew.

For now, I'm just another body.

I'm hoping for the best.

Don't betray my trust.

Even the one I looked up to, the one who told me, "If you really want it, go for it". I went for it, but even you took the grand prize away from me whenever I exceeded your expectations.

You don't know what I'm capable of.

You don't know why I am called Glacius.

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