Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons.

Managed to catch a glimpse of it. And now, I understand what's a good read. It's when things happen you least expect it.

But on the other hands, critics for this movie will be less compared to what Da Vinci Code suffered. Anti-Christianity, beliefs of multiple religions, so on and so forth, and I find it extremely ridiculous when other religions goes up to others and go..

Hey! Jesus Christ had an affair with Mary Magdalene!

With all due respect, it's like saying that you found a picture seeing that your father once dated, had sex, married and divorced with someone else sitting beside him on some function's dinner table.

Problem is, did it really happen?

What Da Vinci Code managed to do is to find facts, and twist it around by 1080 degrees, and state..

I, the third world dictator, would like to announce..

Blah blah blah.

What I couldn't stand would be how critics would mention what the movie created disbeliefs amongst cultures and religions regarding another religion.

And then we've got Angels & Demons, where it has nothing to do with a war between angels and demons of any sort, and it has nothing to do with specific religious unfaithful facts.

If anything were to be discovered, I can bet 10,000 pig's wings that it was just coincidential.

It's like saying how drifting scenes were possible in The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, when nearly everything was 3D-animated.

A book was written by an author, so what if he has his own imaginations?

If a damned book were to be true, then I'd be worshipping Hideo Kojima in his predictions of The Patriots / La-Le-Lu-Lei-Lo in the Metal Gear series.

Sounds stupid, right?

And it is stupid because when the Metal Gear Solid series were out, George Bush didn't hang Hideo Kojima's 7th identical imposter by accident like what he did to Saddam Hussein.

The only problem is that the books and movie missed out on the exclusion clause saying that the story is entirely fictional and if any similarities were to be found, it'd be coindential.

And I'd say that the movie IS good. At least better directed compared to the Da Vinci Code, but these sort of flicks are best enjoyed through the novel itself. More details in it.

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Chia Zheng Hwuang said...

my goodness jean louis.. i always find it impossible to understand you. hahahaa. ur language, memang abstract hingga tak boleh abstract and the comparisons that you use are always out of the world comparisons. hahaha.