Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Vision to the furthest,
With nothing in sight.
The breeze, and the rain,
The scent of corpses in the air.

Vision to the furthest;
Empty roads,
Empty lives,
Empty souls.

Trapped within,
The screams for freedom,
The exoskeleton,
The punishment.

The voices in their heads,
The brightest lights in the darkness,
A paradox.

Skinned to the knees,
The beauty in horror,
The moving eye; the stitched lips.
The banshee's screams of joy.

Vision; removed.
Thoughts overrun.
Freedom in an arm's reach,
Stolen by failure.

Warriors by day, crippled by night.
War put up by fights after fights.
The hung spirit,
Trapped within its beliefs.

Vision; non-existent.
Death becomes irrelevant.
Pass the phase; to understand the truth.
Lies the ultimate beauty.

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