Friday, May 20, 2011

ART TubeMP Studio V3 - II

So, here are a few shots of the ART TubeMP Studio V3.

I was writing that previous blog post on my iPad before I slept, so I got a tad bit lazy to explain further.

This is my very first tube preamp, and yes, I do see the point of people arguing back and forth between solid state amplification technology and tube amplification technology (speaking from the perspective of a guitarist - although this can be use for plenty of other things).

The thing that captured my attention about this preamp is because that it has 48v phantom power, runs on 9v AC power, it's small..and has a VU meter which is very pretty!

Plus this retails for about.. USD$70 ~ AUD$100 after shipping based off the stores here. I got this via eBay.

I had few runs with this earlier on, and I had no idea regarding its potential, but, my word, it really does give your instrument .. a different character if you're running it directly without EQ. An interesting thing about this preamp is that it comes with a limiter system (called OPL in their terms), and it works pretty well.. But I'm not a fan of limiters when it comes to guitars and stuff. But if you're blasting the input up to its maximum, then the limiter will come in handy - especially if you don't want to accidentally get some tube distortion.

Sure this is a studio-equipment thing, but I doubt I'll caught not having these with me during gigs or practice sessions.

It sounds -really- good.

What an awesome step forward in my music journey!

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