Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Resolutions.

I have to be frank; I make promises and I keep them. The promises I can't keep would be related to relationships because, well, shit happens.

But in the world, we have friends who do their resolutions, and sometimes, it's great to think that they set their resolutions and all, and would attempt to achieve it.

I don't set resolutions; because I hate living life by the lines.

But here's a list of achievements for this year:

  • Got the iPad
  • Got the iPhone 4
  • Got the mini-rig that consists of a BOSS DS-1, BD-2, DD-3, Jim Dunlop BG-95 and the Roland Cube 30X
  • Got a guitar that I've somewhat dreamed for 6 years - two years prior to the time I started playing the guitar.
  • Managed to collect figures that feeds my inspirations (If you noticed, the Takara Masterpiece MP-01B, and Sneaking Suit version of Big Boss)
  • Managed to consistently catch up with studies, and work.
Then again:

  • Failed 2 subjects on the first semester, and 1 subject on the second semester (results pending as I got a supplementary paper for it)
  • Killed my entire leisure time due to studies, and work.
  • Failed to meet my savings for this Malaysia trip.
  • Uncertainty in financial stability.
  • Uncertainty in future job security.

So, pros and cons.

I think this will be a good lead for me to place my goals for next year.

And the first step's always in getting a job.

.. But what about a career?

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