Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here's another review of something that I installed to customise the hidden potential of the Magic Mouse (and if you have one), the Magic Trackpad.

One thing that I mistook the Magic Mouse to have, would be the pinch-to-zoom ability that you get on the standard trackpads that comes with Macs.

Boy, was I wrong. I think I nearly sprained my wrist due to its odd gesture.

So I did a quick search on Google and I found this - BetterTouchTool.

Better known as BTT, It allows you to add custom gestures to your devices (regardless of the trackpad or the mouse .. and normal mouse too!), and you'll be able to customise everything from head to toe, inclusive of the gestures.

As ironic as it may get, I wanted to customise the "pinch-to-zoom" feature, but ended up pretty buggy.

.. So, I downloaded BTT because of pinch-to-zoom, but ended up not using the feature.

But then again, with shortcuts, my mouse extended its capability. And I'm pretty amazed at the Magic Mouse. I always wanted to understand how was it.. "magical".

You can't consider technology .. as magic or sorcery. It's physics, engineering and science. So, how did they actually manipulate the damned thing?

I'll figure it out when I have the time, and when I stop being impressed by such.. performances.

Here are some screenshots of what you can do with BTT (and my custom settings too)

The above menu is to show the available gestures that you can pull off - along with modifier keys.
These are the available commands / shortcuts you are able to assign the gesture to.
Live view - where you'll be able to check out your gestures and the assigned shortcuts.
That's three random fingers on the Magic Mouse. Cool, eh?
Customisable settings.

I find these things interesting.

On another note; my MacBook Pro is running on an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz, and I just found out that with full respect, the i5 processors mounted on the Dell Inspiron n4020 is at .. 2.4GHz.

Please, Microsoft. You have definitely got to do something about it. Your GUI interfaces is getting way out of hand with insane resource requirements, and you're allowing manufacturers like these to provide shitty hardware to support your Mac-wannabe graphics. You all should've used Windows XP as a benchmark, and improved there.

As long Steve Jobs is around, you all are screwed. Not that I'm being extremely biased to Apple; but if there were to be a Google OS, I'd happily give that a go. It's just that the OSes that Microsoft provides is a bloody risk for me, and I quit taking risks when I have my dreams to achieve.

Too bad. You may say that I'm a biased bastard towards Apple, but face the fact - you'd want to own one as well.

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