Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is an app that spoils me in my iPhone.

I always wished that it would be easier to somewhat sync my data from my computer, to my iOS devices. Sadly, I can't do much about it. I can send myself emails, but if someone hacks into my account, they'd think I'm pretty dead lifeless.

I was surfing through TUAW.com, and I saw this list of apps you should have for your devices for this year. And the reviews of it are promising!

What I can do, is that I can use a shortcut key (command + C + C) and it pushes the highlighted item into the app I have in my phone (MPD)

It's a pretty smart app. And if I were to be at home, I can just stop the hassle of keying in my key code for my iPhone (it's a keyboard thing that you can on iOS 4.0 onwards on the iPhone 4/iPad) .. And I use it to push it to my phone!

If push notifications are off, you can manually access MPD, and it performs a data pull instead.

The contacts are not the contacts in my iPhone, but it was sync'd via MobileMe, so I was able to load my list from my MacBook Pro's Address Book.. Which is pretty neat!

The downfall of this app, on the other hand, is that you need to access most of it through MPD (except for copy-paste texts - where it will be in your clipboard for the iPhone for you to paste).

I LOVE this app!

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