Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working 8 Days A Week.

Well, imagine if you had 7 days, and you had 7 shifts in a day average, thats considered as working 7 days a week.

But what if you started off early and then you work two shifts in different places? That would be 8 days a week then.

Then again, it could be worse. Like your normal plans being cancelled and then you have to step in, and yeah, you get more shifts in less days.

Last week, I think I did 9 shifts, I think. So that's 9 days.

What scares me is that starting next week, I think I might do double shifts nearly everyday.


Well, till the time comes anyway. I cant be bothered right now.

Then again, I've got to shoot for an event this 13th of November, 20th of November, 5th of December and some time around that period because of this non-profit organization I'm associated with (as a photographer!) called Heroes 4 Kids. Great bunch of mates, and they get to run around in costumes and suits that have a high benchmark in getting yourself in the group.

As for me, my heroes might not fit them. Heroes like at The Stig, Big Boss and plenty of others as well anyway. Plus, since my brother usually asks me to shoot for him, I might as well use that knowledge and skill to shoot for them instead.

Plus with the new SB900 in my hands for a temporary basis, I think I'm going to further out whatever I stopped in learning about photography.

Just that I still have the manual to read about its settings and all that. Then again, that comes into the question of .. Having an extra day in the week to read about something.

Bloody fatigue. I hate and love you at the same time.

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