Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Say..

That she was Vin Diesel's girlfriend in Fast and Furious 1.

And some say, she blasted heads of zombies in Resident Evil 1

Some also said, she was the bad ass pilot in James Cameron's Avatar.

And out of randomness, some say, I managed to get two pictures with her.

She is the closest I could get to Hollywood stars, and her name is, Michelle Rodriguez!

(I forgot to let her be the first to sign my guitar's plate though. Crap. It'd be the coolest thing ever)

Hope you have a safe trip back to the States, and thanks for dropping by Hobart with a kind intentions of saving the whales!

More of her story can be found at her blog, mainly stating what are her true intentions of her being in Hobart - which really makes me respect her as she is using whatever in her willpower to help nature - like how I would love to contribute to Heroes 4 Kids (through photography) making the lives of disabled kids being just as special as we are as an individual.

Her blog:

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LiLing said...

Hello! I'm just bloghopping (found your blog on Sammy's) :) Mannnn! That's so cool to have met her! Nice pix btw :D