Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Women Drivers Are..

.. Very responsible. They are the species that tell the male species to stop speeding, drifting, or racing on the roads or they would not get the chance to make babies with them.

The male species would be very tame after a good shout by the female species.

But the responsible women drivers are those who already passed their 2 years of P driving.

Today, I nearly knocked into a stationary Peogeot 206. As a biker, I'm not that clumsy, so it's entirely on this fucked up bitch's fault. It's already 3am in the morning, and she thinks she's trying to hit the Nurburgring under 10 minutes in her crap French car.

Problem is, she sped out of the corner in a very unreasonable distance, and she braked.

Idiots like these, would just either move on, or just reverse. You don't stop in the middle of the road and hesistate.

Because of her "Oh, I'm in a rush home because I was busy having sex with my big-cock-tearing-vagina boyfriend and my parents are wondering at home if I'm pregnant yet" attitude, she sped, then she stopped, causing me to nearly knock into her, and not giving me allowance to swirve either left or right.

What a bitch.

She then overtook me, which I allowed her to, to get a good loook of her profile and lifestyle. Your middle aged bitch. Driving a car that her parents got her (Not her parents', obviously), has a P sticker, pretty long hair, but bundled because it's at night, dyed slightly light brown.

So in other words, I nearly banged into a typical Chinese bimbohead who can't drive for nuts, and I hope that she gets raped one fine day have be cursed. I hope that a Hummer H1 would cure my misery by crashing into her, and constantly stomping on the gas pedal while thinking it's the brake.

Also, I hope that her tyres would be punctured because she's going to piss off a lot of people very soon.

In fact, I hope she dies very soon. Since it's some Chinese belief that you sneeze if someone was talking bad about you. I'm talking bad about this bitch, driving that Peogeot 206, and I hope when she sneezes, she would be travelling 140kmph into a 10 year old tree.

No. A lamp post would do good.

No. I'm suggesting, she'll crash into the brick wall of a school.

Or no, let her bang into a 289 year old tree.

Or can she just ram into the tree, then break it, then crash into the lamp post, but breaking it, then crashing into the brick wall of school.

Then when she's semi-conscious, she'll find out that she's going it doggy style with a dog.

This is a warning. If I see you on the roads again, you'd better fork out a lot of money for dent and paint repairs if I were to be on the bike. Obviously, I can't kick you when I'm driving in the Camry. So I'll go mobile, bitch.

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