Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Late Night Out.

Like usual, I spent it in the company of the great Kelvyn Yeang. Doing his music, and stuff. Met a couple of his music mates as well.

But first thing's first. To some, you know what this is. To many, this is the Lomography Fisheye 2. It takes shots and exposes it onto the negative on film (!!!!), so lomography is tougher than you think, honestly. Even an SLR allows you to see the exposure balance if it were to be 0, +2 or -2. This has nothing.

Anyways, meet the new addition to the family.

Which my mum doesn't know how to use as well because it has more than 2 buttons.

It has its pros and cons in its own unique way. Truly an interesting experience.

I whipped out my camera later on at Kelvyn's studio to take some shots to see if I could warm up my photography skills.

Sadly, it needs to be warmed up. And I have to tear my decisions in either being a musician, or a photographer.

No such thing as both.

Oh well.


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