Sunday, October 4, 2009

How My Life Got Wasted.

It's one of these situations, see.

I say, listen to your mother to waste precious moments of your life.

Think I'm wrong? Fine. Don't complain your mum never nags at you for no reason then.

"Jean Louis!"
"What." (Not even bothering to ask what's really up.)
"Come here!"

*Walks into the room*

As much as I'm not trying to make this comical, but I'm disgraced with how accents get into the family without the offsprings even bothering to pick it up.

But, here goes anyway. I wish I had my ear plugs.

"You see the curtains there har. The wires are usually blocking it."

Her being non-specific in her life, the wires - in relation to the telephone wires that we had to make "neat" upon her command. So my brother hooked the whole thing above the curtain railings so it wouldn't slither all over the floor.

And there I was. Waiting for her to suggest what I should do.

"So har, what we can do har, is to.. Hmmm.."

Me: "....?"

As she thought of something to do and then did something else, I went back into the room and lied down on my bed, trying to get rid of my stupid sinus caused by that girl.

Of course, when I atteneded to her, I happily sneezed in her face, with all sorts of dust, mucus, and nostril productivity, to show that you should not expose me to places that contains a high degree of dust. Not even Palm Springs had that much of dust.

Talk about short attention span. But at least her attention span lasted longer than mine. Because I lost mine at this point of her speech:

"You see the curtains there har. The wires are usually blocking it."

Surprisingly, I never heard antyhing after that.

Lesson learnt.

When my mother calls, I should not respond unless if I see the house on fire. But the house being on fire depends if she's burning anything in the first place.

Oh yeah. For a person who talks about recycling shit in this shithole, I thought she was a green person, also being what I hate - an environmentalist. As green as Jeremy Clarkson pointing to a green Lamborghini Murcielago, stating that it is, literally, a green car; I found her burning a shitload of dried palm tree leaves.

Ever heard of the rubbish bin, by the way?

That's what I would do. Get the people who shits on the environment via dumpsters to do the job. I did my part, but I couldn't care less if they did theirs.

Going green like, using RON95 petrol compared to RON97. Bold decision, but consider our transportation investment. It'll cost us more to replace a fucked up engine than for us to pollute the world with rich petrol.

On the other hand, I couldn't care less.

Save the earth? The Earth is going to die sooner or later. Why not do something noble? Like feed the hungry. At least that'll bring up a new generation to fuck up the world even more because the world fucked them up before anybody thought of doing anything to them.

I don't know if you noticed the Chinanese slang that goes around in the house, but that har har har issue is leading her to be a cartoon character very soon.

I'm not kidding.

Wow. By the way, Maddox updated himself, and I wasn't aware. That sucked.


maefurriel said...

I had to giggle at this post forgive me. Hahahahaha!

Glacius said...

Giggle away.. lol.. I don't mind. LOL

Jo Anne said...

har har har harrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. lol. I do that too. lol.