Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yay, Penang!

First of all, I would like to thank Telekom Malaysia for such shitty services in conjunction with their sub-company, StreamyX. Without notification, the superb internet that lies in my household gets jammed, and a little bit fucked up.

Therefore, causing me to finish up The Lost Symbol 2 times faster than ever and being bored at home at a constant rotting rate.

Besides that, I've been flooded with several important emails, also failing to update my family in what's going on is a very big crucial issue.

What jackasses.

Besides that, the house is in a terrible condition. I've been staying home over late nights, getting the same ol' supper, and clearing out bits by bits. I'm soon going to throw away most of my belongings in my cupboard to ensure there's enough space for..at least, something.


What the hell.

And now that my internet is busted, I'm sitting by the roadside outside of my friend's house, hoping that the family doesn't find out I'm leeching off their connection until they find out themselves. LOL.

I'm still alive and well ;)

'Till then, I'll see ya all soon..


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