Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West Rhymes With..

.. Being a jackass.

I've never seen such arrogance from an unprofessional musician who has childish battles.

I respected him as a producer, and disrespected Akon utterly for what he did to that little girl on stage.

But hey, tides changes on the weather.

One thing I hate is whenever a musician can't keep his trap fuckin' shut and comparing one artist to another.

Little does he know, not everything revolve around R&B and them rap music. There's other genres in the world which I believe that he would be severed for if he were to compare Dream Theater's production and ideas to Beyonce.

I heard it's Anti-Kanye today.

I hope it goes on.


And I don't know who's Taylor Swift is, but God knows that we all pity her.

It's like getting raped in public.

What a jackass.

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