Monday, September 21, 2009

My 1st Day of Raya.

Today is the first day of Raya, so meaning I probably have something interesting to share.

I couldn't sleep, to The Lost Symbol kept me up till 4am.

.. And no; Like Chinese New Year this year, I did nothing but work, and relax.

In a way. Except that this is Raya, so I had things coming my way unexpectedly.

After I finished my shift, I went home with another partner of mine who stays in the heart of Kota Damansara. Where I stay would be the fringe of it.

So I did my laundry as scheduled today.

2 hours later, at 10pm, where everybody gets something to eat at probably a hawkers' stall, or a Mamak's stall.

I went downstairs where I would usually munch on something, but hey. Not all people are workoholics. I totally forgot that it's Raya today, and the Mamaks are Muslims as well.

So guess what.

I had to go for Plan B; McDs delivery (where I already had it for lunch and it sickens me.) and guess what:

Me: "Hello? I would like to place a delivery."
Operator: "Mr John? Your address is .. in Damansara?"
Me: "Uh.. Yeah."
Operator: "I'm so sorry sir, but there are overlapping orders from Damansara. I'm unable to place an order at the moment."
Me: "...?"

So.... I had to resort the one thing that I might get for free, if only the delivery comes in more than 30 minutes:

Domino's Pizza. That being accompanied by wonderful things like this bookstand/laptop cooler I just bought @ RM69

Which holds the somewhat Satanic bible that's written by one hell of a brilliant man, Dan Brown.

And if there were to be any issues faced after the delivery, I shall resort to..

And I'm supposed to be saving up for.. I don't know what, but I'm not supposed to spend anything on anything. Sadly, with this event here, I think it's as equilvalent as spending on nice shirts and a good shopping session.

PS. Only 1 Starbucks Berries Cheese Mooncake, Maggi Cup were harmed and consumed during the panic of my starvation.

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