Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to the Grind.

It's been some crazy 3 weeks that just recently passed. I've been recovering from this mad sickness due to the weather, and I spent the past few weeks preparing for an interview for a possible job (!!), getting my stuff on at the current job, and putting recording on a pause.

I suppose I'm alright physically, but..

Let's not get there now, shall we?

I woke up again, realising that being in bed, being all useless and moping around about trying to restore my health isn't going to do me any good.

3 weeks is a lot of time.

So I decided to give myself a major boot to the arse, and started recording for one of the maddest prog rock tracks I've ever written.

But after having a look at the structure of it, I failed to make it a "technical" one. Guess it isn't in my musical blood to do something really mad for my standards.

Again, I've learnt quite a bit in recording this new track, so hopefully all goes well.

Also, I've taken a break from songwriting, due to the health-restoration bit, which isn't cool at all. I have to really jump into a lot of songwriting to really get the album up and running. And 3 weeks just went.. JUST like that.

Totally uncool at all.

I always knew that time is something that isn't meant to be wasted. I get very conscious on what's really going on around me every single day if I'm off or something, I tend to fully utilise that specifically given time for a certain .. objective.

And that is for music.

Today, Plan B for my achievements have begun. I always had this theory or fact about myself, and if I were to get too involved in music, I'd fail in maintaining relationships.

I'm not pointing this out to you, by the way.

In a sense that I'd neglect those around me - of friends and family. And that void is growing bigger as the day passes. Every single time I sit down with either the Fireman or the Strat, I have more reasons to not talk to anybody at all.

And this affects my language I use to communicate towards others. I won't be surprised one day that if I lost the ability to speak properly. I know I can write, but to speak, that would be a talent I'll never be able to achieve.

There are plenty of things I've done wrong. I thought I'd take huge risks, but I end up fooling myself with all these ..idiotic ideas.

But to the extent of feeling used, disappointed and all that, just makes me branch off from being myself.

Also, I did write a song. Probably the most emotional song I've ever written, and I'm glad that I did. It shows that I once felt whatever I needed to feel, and after what I've felt what I needed to, life isn't a bed of roses.

Nothing works like how it does in the movies, or how you plan it. If you're planning something and if you're working with someone else, it's always the opposite party that has an effect on what your desired outcomes are.

I'm glad things didn't turn out fine, but I'm glad that I'm smiling.

Rock n' Roll!

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