Monday, June 11, 2012

Rest in Peace, Alda Evan Tan.

Talk about being away from blogs. Just as I wrote on how I felt recently, I received sad news as I was on break at work this morning.

2012 has been a very sad year for my musical soul.

On the 2nd of April 2012, Din of Art Tune passed on. A truly humble, and great musician/guitarist/guitar technician. Today, after 2 months of hard battle with a coma, his soul finally rest in peace.

Although I did not really know him well, and if I was given the chance (and time) to get to know him better, we would have been good friends through music, and I would have progressed quicker and understood songwriting even more. He always had a lot of support, and the kindest words to say, and was always curious on whatever that was trending.

It's sad to see such a talented young (REALLY young) mind to put to rest.

It was just an hour's jamming session with him, another guitarist (Collin Chin - an amazing songwriter!), Moe Nasrul and my ex drummer, Joshua Tan, made me realise so much about dynamics. I was clearly paying attention to the way and style that Alda played. It was the first time I ever laid my eyes on a funk/jazz bassist who's into rock.

And I've carried those thoughts with me until late last year, when I started writing songs. Having the ear to ensure that nothing sounds stale, and exciting, adding space, coordination, the element of surprise, and most importantly, whatever sounds good to the ears.

And we remember him for what he does, and who he is. His case is not severe as Buddy Bolden, who had no documents or evidence of him doing Jazz music and him sounding that good. But it's situations like these that makes me realise that producing your own music, if you can, is a benefit.

Not for yourself, but for music enthusiasts to find out who you are, or who you once were.

Alda found out I was doing recordings and offered to do a bass track on one of my songs, Faith.

Now he's gone. Lord knows what he would've done to make it sound better.

Rest in peace, Alda. You will be rememebered, always. Thank you for minor details that I expanded on. I really appreciate it.

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