Sunday, October 16, 2011

Self Reflections.

I was pretty hyped up about the whole Steve Vai thing that's going to happen tomorrow.

For those who're a bit backdated, I'm in Melbourne as I'm typing this out. The Steve Vai Masterclass takes place tomorrow at this place that's..somewhere...near...this place I'm staying.

I'm currently staying with an old friend of mine for about 9 years (but we started talking in 2004, so that's 7 years of good friendship). The last I've seen her was 5 years ago, and I'm really glad that I saw this random advertisement about Steve Vai's masterclass and .. called her up, asked her everything that I needed to know, and BOOM.

I'm here, a week before my finals, and one more day to watch the guitarist I'd never imagine to meet (not personally, but it's close enough!).

Getting back to the point, I was really hyped up about it. But as my friend dedicated her weekend to me (with the fact that she's working and all!), I feel really touched, appreciated and at home. And this trip; this unplanned getaway made me realise that the really good friends never move away from you regardless of what you do!

I feel really great. It's been years since I really went about doing the things that I wanted to and stuff like that without the fact of being tied down to a certain schedule/time or something! I actually feel pretty relaxed and I'm having a great time.

Melbourne's a beautiful city, and I was watching some light show at some art exhibition at town area. It's .. great. Music made me appreciate more than what audible art is. The amount of effort being put in certain works and all, I think that's a good effort that requires attention and respect by the public!

And to all of my friends that have put up with my personal shit, and random music status updates of my journey in Music itself, I thank you all for your patience.

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