Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slight Updates, Again.

Yup, by now, I think you must've realised that I don't really do much.

Well, nothing to be done really. Besides the fact of this university I'm is really messed up in plenty of ways. I'm surprised that the most disorganised faculty is the faculty I'm in. Like seriously, how could you mistake a student to be excluded from a course when the performance was average? Well, besides the fact of failing one subject (and soon to be passing that supplementary paper anyway). And for the other two subjects, I got two credits, and not two passes.

So, bitches, time to fuckin' wake up and do you bloody job.

Anyway, I'm shit bored at home when my brother's not around because I can't whoop anybody's ass on Mortal Kombat, and I have yet to babality Shao Kahn.


Nothing much. Plus my HDMI cables hasn't arrived yet. One of them would be from Hong Kong, and the other would be from the States that got shipped out a few hours ago.

I'm switching from DVI to HDMI now for my setup to reduce desktop clutter. Will see how will that work out.

And when the HDMI cables kick in, I'll be really busy:

All for the cause to get thoughts off my mind. Life's not a bed of roses, really. Not anymore.

Which brings to my other rant. The interesting bit about people when they change, and when they turn sour. Guess some people do take things for granted every now and then. But then again, we're not around to change the lives of others, so it would be unfair for me to comment on their current status in life.

Perhaps, this semester, it's about time that I picked myself up, and left everything behind. After all, what is the point of effort when you get rejected?

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