Sunday, July 10, 2011

Again, With The Updates.

So, depression is the worst. It directly affects my bank account.

With that said, I purchased a $70 Blu-Ray player that supports USB ports & 7.1 DTS surround sound. Which is kind of cool. It's cheap ass Blu-Ray player, and I've built my mini Blu-Ray collection.

Also, I'm selling a couple of Magic Trackpads if you all are interested - One for auction and one for bids:

$90 Trackpad
Auction - Magic Trackpad - available for worldwide buyers + free shipping

So if you're a Mac user, and who's got a wireless setup like mine, and you're out of Trackpads, head on there and get something (if you want to?)

I moved into my new room after my housemate moved out, as well. It's not that bad, but I learnt my lesson that you shouldn't live by the window on the ground floor during winter. It's bloody cold.

Other than that, my finals wasn't that bad. I still failed Banking & Financial Institutions, but hey, what can I do about it? Lecturer's a dick, I'm an ass, so it's common for me to fail.

Nevertheless, I'm working hard for the supplementary paper. Things should look well.

Till next time.

PS. Tomorrow: Semester 2 begins.

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