Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Next Step.

The next step is for me to stop procrastinating and finding short cuts to figure out stuff that should not be figured out to kick myself into gear, and into motivation.

I really hate it when something like this happens, but hey, what to do?

Things are looking pretty okay on my side, I need to learn to relax for quite a bit. But then again, I can't relax too much or I'll end up procrastinating.

The next step refers to me finally calling the dude I'm supposed to meet in Melbourne. Good timing too, because he mentioned on the phone that he was going to leave Melbourne for another two weeks. The only thing I can say besides good timing is..

.. Damn, he travels a lot.

Well, in his position, he'd better be traveling a lot. It's part of his job, so at least he's just being responsible.

So, another call should be lodged during the mid of next month to see if everything goes well.

But that doesn't mean that all will be well.

I should really start saving up for the Melbourne trip. I'm really broke. I'm going to break some rules soon.

PS. Mortal Kombat is awesome. If you hate it, you'd better stick to watching your Teletubbies because I think that is what excites you.

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