Monday, August 3, 2009

G Spot Jam

Tonight was interesting.

It's my first time back in Penang to play on stage. The sort of thing I had in mind a couple of years back. Get instruments, get on stage, and just start playing.

Of course, I wasn't part of the spotlight. Was accompanied by Ying Kit, Kelvyn Yeang, Jonathan Scully and a really cool European bassist.

And jackpot, we did a tribute to..

.. Jimi Hendrix!

Would've been Michael Jackson's tribute if we were a bunch of insane dancers or something.

We played Little Wing and Red House. Truly and interesting experience, but then again, I was out of their league because I lacked of practice and the heart for music.

For the past year, I've been studying nothing but timing, progression, notes, and technique. But when it comes down to the simplest stuff in the world, I went out.

And years ago, I was able to do the simplest stuff in the world.

And that is just to play music.

As easy as it sounded, I couldn't do it.

But until a point, I thought of nothing, and G Spot turned into the house of blues.

There's only one remedy for problems like these: To play more.

Woo boy..

Would like to thank both Kelvyn and Ying Kit for giving me the opportunity to learn from this minor event. Pictures up soon, but I've got none of myself T_T

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qpidv said...

omg... you couldn even pop me a text saying you're here or you were at G Spot.

tsk tsk man........

much love,
your biggest fan