Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takin' In The View From The Outside..

Feeling like the underdog..

That's the only rhythm that runs through my head for the moment.

Updates: I pretty much screwed up my finals and a little bit of my work life. But all feels well.

Remember that the keyword is "feels" well.

Anyways, I'm heading home to Penang for the first time in.. 8 months?

It's been long. Even the tickets went up, and I didn't even take note. Great, right? RM 70 for tickets back and forth. I guess this will be the last few times I'll be traveling around or something.

.. OR something ;)


I'm still considering to take my camera back to Penang to take some shots by the seaside, seeing if I could get some pictures up and running.


I'm currently running a monitor check on this laptop seeing if it has any problems. I'm amazed by it because the user had put individual words for characters that looks like Islam-writings or Russian words. I wouldn't know how they would look like, but it's different from our keyboard.

Now the next thing I'm looking forward to; going home to a home that has nobody in it. My parents won't be in Penang, my brother's obviously in Australia wrestling with the Tasmanian Devils.

So I'll be home.

.. Home?

Doesn't feel like it anymore.

And I've only been away for 2 years.


I'm looking forward to my old friends. Hopefully being able to meet up, that's for sure.

I'm also looking for a second hand phone..

.. Hmmm..

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Music - is getting a bit out of hand. A little bit too mixed up in many ways. The term "lost" would be perfect to describe it.

Still trying to practice on speed.

How do people go into hyper-speed mode and just seem relaxed with it?


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