Friday, July 17, 2009

Photographic Updates.

Here's a few things that happened lately.

The reason why I decided to post up some pictures is because I can touchy-touchy a little bit on LightRoom.

I just got home from Pavillion. Got my first top from Heritage 1821 or 1981, or something like that. It's a Forever 21 branch. The designs are somewhat similar to TopMan, which are entirely European, so I wouldn't want to wear such things.

Until I found this:

And at Starbucks? I managed to compile my rewards. The most recent reward I managed to get would be the M.U.G. award - an award where I managed to take at least 256 employee beverages in mugs / tumblers instead of using plastic cups and harming the environment!

Just joking. The M.U.G. award stands for the Moves of Uncommon Greatness award - Something you've performed for the store - regardless to partners or customers - that goes beyond your job scope, in a way. The reason why I got this award would be that I came in for my shift hours before due to a voluntary act without being requested. This happened due to lack of partners on the day.

Then comes the certification of being a Store Coffee Master and an In-Store Learning Coach.

The In-Store Learning Coach is a position where a partner is certified to go through a Barista Training Programme with new partners in coaching them in accordance to Starbucks' standards. It has been a very interesting experience for me as I meet plenty of people with different personality - causing me to have the ability to adapt towards others like working in different stores in a short period of time.

The Store Coffee Master shows a partner (of any sort in Starbucks) having great passion in what they do; regardless if it's doing a Tall Latte, or grinding a 1 pound whole bean French Roast for customers, it's about the passion that you have for the job. Accompanied by a Black Apron, having the ability and knowledge to explain what's what to customers; not correcting what they know, but educating them regarding the coffee culture and how we roast, sell and compare beans against each other.

Next up? Ain't going to be much. What was it again? Andy Timmons? ;)

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