Monday, November 23, 2009

Passion Questioned.

I was wondering these few days, what my passion is all about?

I was afraid that I put my work in first place when it comes to passion.

About coffee, and wanted to go for tea.

But I was wrong.

I always thought that I was the Starbucks fanatic thing. Being able to create the third place for customers I've served. Nothing could take passion away from learning more about coffee.

But, going to leave the company - it's not going to feel that bad.

Today, they had the Penang Jazz Festival presentation at Starbucks New World Park during my shift, and it was awesome.

Of course, it had to be awesome. Besides Ocean of Fire playing, the veterans were either playing, or just watching good Jazz music.

And that's when it swept me off my feet.

Listening to them play, did not demotivate me in what I wanted to do most. That was to rip the guitar off someone else's shoulders and start playing along.

I enjoyed the various sort of music being performed.

And that's where my passion had always lied in.

Even if I were to study music.

So. What's next?

Simple; more guitar. :)

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